About the client:

The client is a 3PL leader in global logistics for over 50 years, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. They manage the end-to-end logistics of some of the leading manufacturers across the globe. This includes managing the entire movement of finished and unfinished goods of their customers from one
manufacturing plant to another or to a different location and/or place of delivery as required.

Business Challenge:

Our client has huge amount of historical data available to them. They were facing the challenge in utilising this historical information for themselves as well as for their customers’ benefit. They lacked complete visibility into the previous shipment performance; needed alignment between the ERP lead times and actual status, as well as lacked forecasting capabilities to measure the lead times. Also, with no carrier and market performance visibility, this historical data was of not much use until it was analyzed with larger supply
chain data for better business insights and decision making.