Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management with Cozentus' Real-time Monitoring Solution.

In today's complex global supply chain, unforeseen risks can wreak havoc on your shipments and assets. From weather disruptions to geopolitical events, the potential for delays and losses is ever-present. Traditional risk assessment methods can be slow and reactive, leaving you vulnerable to disruption. 3PLs need to proactively identify risks that can impact their shipments, commodities or assets.

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Innovate to uncover, evaluate, and safeguard your shipments.

Cozentus Risk Watch empowers you with that proactive approach to risk assessmenet. Leveraging AI and ML technologies, we automatically collect risk news from multiple sources, cleanse and harmonize the data, then enrich it with our logistics expertise.

Our intuitive UI and analytics platform present risks, severity levels, and impacted shipments/assets comprehensively. With generative AI capabilities, users receive instant responses to queries through text, graphs, and charts. Safeguard your shipments from potential risk impact with our Tailored solutions designed specifically for your needs.

Cozentus Risk Watch equips you with the tools to navigate even the most challenging environments.

Early risk identification

Comprehensive picture of potential risks .

Alternate Strategy Formulation

Alternate shipment routes, sourcing strategies, and operational adjustments to minimize disruptions.

Proactive Risk Alerts

Alerts and notifications to minimize disruptions and optimize operations.

Operational Resilience

Risk assessment process with precise risk scores, mitigation options, and guidance on optimal third-party information sources.

Unparalleled Visibility

Informed decisions with real-time insights from a comprehensive dashboard and analytics suite.

AI-Driven User Experience

Generative AI technology for instant, tailored responses to user queries

Powering informed action with sophisticated data capture and automation

  • Real-Time Data Aggregation
  • Risk Probability Assessment
  • Integration with Shipment Data
  • AI-Driven User Interactions
  • Impact on ETA Prediction
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