Drive Logistics with Automation

Our solution revolutionizes drayage and yard management. By automating the movement of containers or trailers and effectively managing yard spaces, this solution enables maximum efficiency in operations. With a focus on real-time visibility, data-driven insights, and automation, operational efficiency, and resource utilization are significantly enhanced.

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The Cozentus Advantage

As your strategic yard management partner leveraging vast experience in logistics technology, we bring innovative solutions that exceeds conventional yard management norms. Leveraging vast experience in logistics technology, Cozentus introduces an innovative solution

that exceeds conventional yard management norms. This solution targets the mitigation of manual errors, optimizes resource allocation, and provides real-time visibility to transform yard operations into an efficiently run, high-performance system.

Optimum drayage and yard planning

  • Monitor gate in and gate out
  • Congestion monitoring
  • Integration into TMS and ERP
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Unlocking Business Potential

Operational Efficiency

The significant cost savings realized through faster turnaround times and increased productivity optimize operational efficiency.

Optimal Resource Allocation

The solution ensures maximized asset utilization and minimized idle time, which yields an improved ROI.

Real-Time Visibility

With real-time visibility and data-driven insights, this solution allows for better cost management and performance optimization.


Minimizing manual errors, billing discrepancies, and administrative overheads leads to financial savings.

Customer Satisfaction

Improving service levels and increasing customer satisfaction drives repeat business, contributing to a higher ROI.


The solution's scalability and flexibility support business growth without incurring significant additional costs.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Cost savings related to penalties or regulatory non-compliance are ensured through the solution's risk mitigation and compliance capabilities.

You Ask We Answer

Yard management companies or service providers offer services like the coordination of goods in and out of, as well as within the shipping yard. It includes gate management, dray management, and load optimization among other things as well as managing the transportation of goods from warehouse to yard and vice versa.

Yard management services are usually limited to managing the movement of goods around the shipping yard and may include transportation from the warehouse. Yard management solutions on the other hand are comprehensive services that include analysis of existing processes, identification of problem areas and deployment of customized solutions.

An automated yard and dray management system is a digital tool or platform that enables load computations, load tracking, and predictive analysis that helps avoid yard congestion, empty runs, and delays.

The components of a yard and dray management system or yard management software include gate management, load and shipment tracking, dock scheduling, and task optimization, all of which ensure a smooth flow of goods across shipping yards, speed up container and ship loading, and ensure timely delivery.

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