The Cozentus Edge: Driving Competitive Advantage

Cozentus offers a unified platform that simplifies and oversees the entire cycle of quotations and proposals. The result? A significant increase in efficiency and speed, providing a competitive edge to businesses in the highly dynamic environment of logis

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Cozentus' Key Strategies to Manage Quotations

Cozentus brings to the table a comprehensive Quotation Management Application that not only accelerates quote generation but enhances accuracy and consistency.

We facilitate seamless collaboration among teams, aiding in the creation of professional, timely quotes, providing you with a competitive edge.

Revolutionizing Quote and Proposal Management with Unparalleled Efficiency and Speed

  • Generate customized quotes and maintain an updated pricing catalog.
  • Apply adaptable pricing strategies based on shipment attributes.
  • Manage unique pricing agreements and customer-specific discounts.
  • Improve accuracy through quote versioning and tracking capabilities.
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Experience the Transformative Benefits of Cozentus for Streamlined Quote and Proposal Management

Customized Pricing

Meet diverse customer requirements with accurate, tailored pricing.

Efficiency and Speed

Boost productivity by eliminating manual processes and reducing response times.

Pricing Consistency

Enhance trust with customers through consistent, error-free pricing

Pricing Optimization

Analyze and optimize pricing strategies for profitability.

Streamlined Collaboration

Facilitate real-time communication and collaboration for efficient quote creation.

Reporting and Analysis

Make informed business decisions with insights into quote performance and win rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

The quotation management process or simply quotation management refers to the computation, presentation, and management of sales quotations. For a 3PL or third-party logistics company it also includes rate card computation and management.

A quotation management system is the management of quotations and proposals using a CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform that generates, stores, and manages quotations and proposals and helps businesses manage the sales funnel and pipeline.

The difference between a quotation management system and quotation management software is that while software may only compute and generate quotations, a quotation management system will also store past quotations and computation, and reveal insights for formulating further quotations.

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