Embrace the inevitable – Overcoming the visibility gap is the key to customer satisfaction

The demand for real-time shipment visibility is no longer a maybe, it's a must-have for exceeding customer expectations. 3PLs face issues with integrating systems, managing data, and meeting client demands. Coherent insights from this complex web of data requires an innovative approach. Blending cutting-edge technology with human experience, can empower 3PLs to overcome obstacles and achieve the real-time, cohesive visibility essential for operational success.

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An innovation partner to empower every step of your shipment journey to customer excellence

Cozentus is your trusted partner in transforming shipment visibility into a competitive advantage. Our cutting-edge framework provides customized solutions for meticulous shipment tracking and oversight, ensuring precision and efficiency at every step. Through advanced AI/ML algorithms, logistics business rules, and human insights, we cleanse, augment, and harmonize data to ensure high accuracy and reliability.

Our proactive risk assessments identify potential threats to your shipments, enabling swift mitigation actions. With an intuitive user interface and comprehensive analytics, decision-making becomes seamless. Experience the power of Cozentus, where every step of your shipment journey is empowered towards customer excellence.

Make every track a trust-building milestone

Curated, Cohesive Data

Seamlessly locate shipments, analyze real-time data, and respond to customer queries with ease.

Predictive Accuracy Seamless Synchronization

AI-powered estimated arrival times, for perfect synchronization for everyone involved.

Smart alerts for proactive decisions

Instant notifications when shipments cross predefined borders

Anticipate Risks-Mitigate Losses

Real-time risk updates to safeguard your shipments and mitigating potential losses.

Generative AI for User text Queries

Instant response to text based user queries into comprehensible charts and graphs.

All in one dashboard

Centralized view of entire shipment landscape with customizable dashboards.

Enable Flawless Communication Between Nodes. Capture Every Small Detail About Your Shipment.

  • Real-time Shipment Tracking with a comprehensive view through a global interactive map.
  • Multiple data sets, and business rules for a holistic understanding of your shipment
  • Proactive identification of risks
  • Proactive updates on actual and changed ETA, or delays,
  • Strategic geo-boundary settings for real-time tracking and alerts
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You Ask We Answer

Using shipment software gives you a distinct advantage over the competition by improving your operational efficiency, better collaboration between stakeholders, and faster processing resulting in lower detention and demurrage. It also enables informed decision-making regarding your shipment. 

With optimized operations and reduced manual intervention, you can optimize resource utilization and reduce transit time. Shipment-related risks due to lack of shipment visibility are also mitigated which means reduced insurance claims, penalties, and other costs. 

Using the data gathered by the shipment visibility software application you can make informed shipment-related decisions. You can also recognize patterns that will help predict bottlenecks and identify problem areas. By integrating your shipment visibility application with other systems like freight management and TMS, you can build a robust and responsive supply chain.

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