Inefficiency in supply chain and logistics have cost the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry a loss of more than $800 in revenue. The CPG industry is worth 5.3 trillion dollars today and still booming. As the industry progresses, the working of the CPG industry shifts more toward technological advancements and efficient methods. The increasing use of robotics, IoT solutions, and automated processes has enabled CPG companies to do more in less time and bring additional value.

Companies need more efficiency to match customer expectations, reduce chargebacks, and embrace emerging technologies. Over time, a major complaint that most CPG companies often have is the inability to track more than one component in transit. Large voids between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers can have negative impacts. Hence, the visibility of the supply chain is necessary to bring in more transparency.

We understand the importance of real-time supply chain visibility to track goods and check the chain's efficiency. Our services give a 360-degree insight and real-time monitoring capability to run your entire organization for better supply chain performance.