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Cozentus understands and automates technology gaps in the logistics chain enhancing user convenience, operational efficiency, speed, financial performance, decision-making, and customer satisfaction.

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Our deep understanding of global logistics becomes the backbone of customer’s growth and success. With 520,000+ collective industry hours in logistics industry, we hold invaluable insights to empower you with the solutions necessary to excel and gain a competitive edge in the world. Our collaborative approach and agility to your business priorities ensures high value on your investments.

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Delivering bespoke solutions to optimize operations and foster growth, we specialize in understanding customers challenges and seamlessly integrating with existing systems. Our services provide a glimpse of our commitment and capability to innovatively use technology, addressing any specific demand that customers logistic business may necessitate.

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Supply chain automation is the use of technology for various supply chain tasks so that they require minimum human intervention. Automation helps expedite processes, prevent bottlenecks, speed up delivery, reduce costs, and enhance revenue.

Emerging technologies like IoT, RPA, and RIFD are being leveraged for visibility and agile workflows that speed up delivery. AI-empowered advanced analytics together with cloud computing is improving business intelligence and delivering enhanced UX.

Supply chain automation software speeds up processes, reduces errors, and ultimately drives revenue. Technologies like EDI can eliminate human intervention and error from trade document processing and freight audit. Demand and ETA prediction become possible with the use of technologies like advanced analytics. Cloud computing helps increase visibility across supply chain nodes. 

The biggest challenge to supply chain automation is developing a single window supply chain automation software that works across the supply chain. With new-age technologies like AI, ML, and RPA this now seems achievable. Cozentus led by industry veterans, and run by technocrats, enables complete supply chain automation for its clients.

RPA or robotic process automation in the supply chain helps reduce labor-intensive tasks and eliminate manual intervention for routine processes. RPA can therefore help supply chains with processes like loading, unloading and storing, and load optimization.

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