Optimise Business Planning with Predict ETA: Cozentus' advanced predictive forecasting solution

A blend of proprietary or open-source historical data analysis and sophisticated algorithms to deliver insightful lead-time predictions, this powerful tool serves to enhance business planning, optimize logistics operations, and offer a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

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Unleash the power of Strategic Decision Making with Cozentus

Cozentus brings to the table a deep understanding of the intricacies of global logistics combined with a firm grasp of cutting-edge data analytics. Fully customized to your business and customer needs, our solution considers multiple parameters.

Our systems offer unmatched precision in lead-time forecasting, turning raw data into a powerful strategic asset. We provide not just data, but insights that fuel effective decision-making, bolster operational efficiency, and enhance strategic planning.

A powerful command center for operational excellence

  • Considers marine traffic, fuel levels, carrier's weight optimization, and historical voyage data.
  • Advanced Algorithms for 98% precise forecasts through sophisticated data analysis techniques.
  • Proactive Notifications and alerts on delays or ETA changes.
  • Performance Analytics to gain insights for optimizing logistics operations.
  • Handles large-scale operations with dependable predictions.
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Comprehensive insights for efficient global operations.

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Precision Forecasting

Navigate business with confidence, backed by accurate and reliable projections. 

Empowered Decision Making

Reinforce your strategic decisions with robust, data-backed insights. 

Optimized Supply Chain

Leverage Predict ETA to streamline your supply chain operations and mitigate risks. 

Enhanced Business Planning

Develop robust strategies with the support of precise, actionable forecasting. 

Risk Mitigation

Protect your operations from potential disruptions with accurate lead-time predictions. 


ETA prediction technology uses algorithms to analyse real-time data to predict a near-exact time of shipment delivery. All data connected with the shipment such as weather conditions, traffic, potential delays and so on.

Predictive ETA tools use advanced technology to track shipments in real time. The data collected as a result of tracking reveals potential congestion, bottlenecks and delays. Using weather data, it is possible to predict delays, diversions, and more.

Some of the factors that affect ETA include weather conditions, changes in schedule, port congestion and delay, customs clearance, and other unforeseen factors like ship engine failure.

Dynamic ETA refers to a minute-by-minute account of your shipment around the globe. Using new-age technologies like AI, ML, and RPA coupled with custom-developed algorithms, it is possible to track shipments in real-time and predict near-accurate times of arrival and completion.

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