The Cornerstone of Our Success

Leveraging technological advancement speedily and successfully to meet fluctuating supply chain demands is what we do best. Cozentus is led by SCM veterans with a collective experience of 60+ years in supply chain logistics complemented by a dynamic team of IT veterans. The team’s diligence, perseverance, capability, willingness and ability to push boundaries, and above all teamwork are what make Cozentus the best-in-class supply chain services and solutions provider.

Meet our Management team

Devesh Sinha

Founder and CEO

Shailendra Upadhyay

Co-Founder and COO

Rosalin Mohanty

Co-Founder and CGO

Meet our leadership team

Rajesh Sharma

Executive Vice President - Operations

Sudhir Mardikar

EVP and Head of Data Practice

Ranjeet Das

EVP and Head of Technology

Siddharth Bihari

AVP and EDI Practice Lead

Nirupama Ojha

General Manager

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