Take charge of your freight invoice audits.

We're ushering in a new era of audit automation that eliminates inefficiencies, providing unparalleled visibility into your expenses. Our application allows you to validate carrier invoices, rectify discrepancies, and streamline payments with ease.

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Cozentus is more than just a solution.

It's your competitive edge in the complex landscape of freight auditing. We understand your unique challenges and have developed a powerful solution to tackle them head-on. Bid farewell to inefficient communication and non-compliance of contracts.

Our industry-leading freight audit application transforms your decision-making process, mitigating financial risks. Cozentus isn't just about managing your freight auditing process; it's about driving strategic value and growth for your business.

Comprehensive Freight Audit For Optimum Efficiency

  • Accurate and compliant carrier invoice cross-checking
  • Diverse agreement types
  • SLA, MSA, spot rates, contracts
  • Audit of invoices from multiple modes and systems
  • Fully automated and customizable solution for business rules
  • Visibility into freight spend management
  • Data analytics and machine learning for decision-making
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Why do you need Cozentus Freight audit solution?

Maintain Healthy cashflow

Optimize your costs with our platform that efficiently identifies billing errors and eliminates overpayments

Assure Financial Accuracy and Compliance

Stay compliant and maintain financial accuracy with our robust audit processes.

Leverage Datadriven Insights

Make informed decisions based on the valuable insights derived from our comprehensive audit analysis.

Foster Enhanced Carrier Relationships

Build stronger, more transparent relationships with your vendors through accurate and timely payments.

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Boost Customer Satisfaction and Trust

Win your customers' trust with accurate, transparent billing and top-notch service.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage

Stand out in the market with optimized operations and cost-effective services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freight audit solutions, also called freight audit and payment solutions, help 3PLs and other logistics businesses track and monitor expenses, audit prevent excess billing, negotiate better with carriers, and optimize their transportation strategy.

A freight audit platform is a SaaS product that automates freight invoice auditing and freight bill audit and validates all expenses accurately and speedily by leveraging AI to read and process multi-formatted documents at speed. It also ensures contract compliance and speeds up dispute management. Some freight audit companies also offer propriety software that can be plugged into existing systems or bespoke solutions based on business needs.

Yes. A digitized freight audit system mitigates the possibility of human error and speeds up the process of freight invoice audits. Any residual discrepancies can be resolved quickly by sending automated emails and alerts to the concerned party requesting clarification or correction.

Freight invoice audit also called Freight Audit and Payment is a process used by logistics service providers like 3PLs to validate shipping invoices against contracts and purchase orders. The objective is to ensure the accuracy of the invoice.

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